Astrocartography uses your unique birth information to help you tap into specific planetary energies across the world - and you don't have to go there to do it.

How Can Astrocartography Support you?

  • Pick the perfect place for your next vacation.
  • Understand why you've always felt drawn to a specific place.
  • Find the most nourishing place to heal or do deep shadow work.
  • Tune into a city that inspires love and your unique creativity - or one that helps you push through to finally get a project done.

With your consent, I weave my intuition through your session to receive insight and messages regarding specific locations.

How Will your Session Flow?

First, I'll begin with a mini introduction to important aspects of your birth (commonly referred to as your 'natal') chart. Not all readers will include your natal chart (and that's ok!) but in my experience the information we cover is vital for tuning into your individual expression of the planetary energies. The information covered can be incredibly validating for your unique gifts, life path and alchemy points. This is our foundation for the experiences you're calling in. I also offer natal chart readings as an individual offering if you choose to go more in depth at a later date.

Next, I'll lead you through a brief overview of astrocartography and what all of the lines, circles, symbols and letters mean! That way, if you choose to review it before your next trip, you'll have a better idea of how to do so.

Then, we'll dive into the information that you asked me to focus on. We'll look at at least 3 different locations and review the experiences/ energy you might experience there. I'll also review locations that coincide with the energies you want to call in. Often, you'll find that the locations you're drawn to and the energies you're calling in overlap!

With your permission, I'll also tune into our higher guidance to see what additional locations I'm drawn to share with you. Sometimes past life information, relevant rituals or intuitive practices come through from your higher guidance as well!

The session is collaborative and you are welcome to ask questions as we go. We cover A LOT of information so I highly encourage note taking. Within 48 hours, you will receive a video recording for you to download and review at your own convenience.

Together, will go over an impactful overview of your natal chart, your unique astrocartography map and a minimum of 3 locations in addition to your hometown.

You will also receive a recorded video of your session.



Venice, CA USA

Cynthia is so sweet & caring! She gave me the best astro birthday reading! I immediately could tell she was such a clear channel and everything she said was very accurate. She talked about some of my career/life path goals just from looking at my natal chart, and that was super valuable and on-point. I like how she explained how it all worked. It was very educational and informative. I cannot wait to listen to the recording from our session. I highly suggest booking a reading!

Mariah K.
Artist & Healer

01 / 05