60 min./ 90 min. Virtual Sessions. Starting at $555/ session.

Upon request, I'm available to booking online group sessions for your online community. On rare occasions, I'm also available for in-person group sessions.

First, I'll begin with a mini introduction to understanding your own astrocartography chart and the importance of understanding certain aspects of your birth (commonly referred to as your 'natal') chart.

Next, I'll open up the session to participants who would like me to do a 'live' reading of their astrocartography chart. Participants who wish to be selected for a live mini-session will fill out a questionnaire and provide birth information prior to the group session.

I'll answer questions ranging from 'Why am I attracted to going to x location?' to 'Where should I go if I'm looking to bring in more x (ex: love, healing, nourishment, career opportunities etc.) into my life?' Sometimes, if the person has a 'blinking' part of their chart (aka a part that is intuitively pinging me to focus on) I'll cover that area for the participant as well.

Approximately 15 minutes is necessary for each participant for a quick read. 3-4 people can be covered in a 60 minute session.

A 'thank you discount' is included for any participants who would like to book a full session after our group call. With group consent, a video and audio recording of the full session is shared with all participants to review all of the information shared.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to inquire on booking dates, please feel free to contact me here.

Do you want to be a participant? If you're part of a group booking, please fill out your information and share your questions with me here.

Cassidy | Austin, TX

“I had such a wonderful session with Cynthia! So many AHA moments, so many questions answered, and left me feeling super excited for what’s to come. She explained it all in a way that made it possible for me to look at my husband’s charts too and find a few spots that overlapped (she also later answered my questions about those)! Cynthia is fun, grounded, and such a well of information. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

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