Hello, I'm Cynthia.

My purpose, my why, is to make this world a more beautiful place. I believe that begins with acknowledging the beauty that exists around us. Every time I look through my lens or connect via a session with a client, I have the opportunity to remind her/him/them of just that. Through my work, I sometimes have the honor of helping people do more of the thing that truly ‘lights them up’… and we need more people doing that in this world. I also get to encourage people to go after their dreams - and to travel to places that make their hearts scream with joy.

In the past eight years, I've worked with clients across a dynamic range of industries - from amazing psychics, to a menstrual equity entrepreneur, to a spiritual advisor who leads retreats around the world. I have consulted with multi-million dollar brands paving new ways for us to live as humans. My work has been published in books, internationally recognized publications, and has been utilized by incredible artists and energy workers across the globe.

In my free time, I love sound healing, meditation, laughing so hard that eventually no sound comes out, and developing my intuitive skills. I’m a double Aries (but don’t worry, Cancer rising) and a Generator. If I can support you or help you feel more inspired, please connect with me.

xx, C



Meg Sylvester

“I am in LOOOOVEEEEE with the photos! They are literally my favorite photos I have ever had taken. She captured everything I could have hoped for and so much more. Cynthia is so incredibly talented and I cannot wait to share these. “

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